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2022-2023 Season

Thank you for your interest in DC Dance Factory. Please read this entire page before clicking the online registration link.

If you are currently a customer of DC Dance Factory you will simply click this online registration link. After you are directed to the purple registration form you can click on the link at the top of the page in red that says “Already a customer click here”. You will need your email address and password to access this link. If you do not know your password please DO NOT fill out a new form because you will then have 2 accounts in our system, which can be very confusing. You can click on the link that says “I do not know my password” and jackrabbit will automatically send you a new one to use. From there you can update and or change any information on your profile and you can click “enroll” to add the classes that you would like to participate in for the 2022-2023 season.

If you are a new customer to DC Dance Factory WELCOME!!! To register simply click this online registration link. You will then be directed to the purple registration form. Please fill out all information. Make sure your email addresses are correct so you can keep up with what is going on. At the bottom of the registration form you will find an area where you can add the classes you are interested in taking for the 2022-2023 season.

Remember that registration fee and first months tuition are due at the time of registration. If you are starting in the middle of a month the tuition is prorated. August is discounted 50% since it’s not a full month. Prices are listed below.

If you still need assistance, please contact us by sending an email to or calling us at 615-377-7955

Time Per Week Cost Per Month
30 minutes $68
45 minutes $86
1 hour $92
1 hour 15 minutes $110
1 hour 30 minutes $140
1 hour 45 minutes $152
2 hour $162
2 hours 15 minutes $170
2 hours 30 minutes $177
2 hours 45 minutes $185
3 hours $192
3 hours 15 minutes $199
3 hours 30 minutes $205
3 hours 45 minutes $210
4 hours $215
4 hours 15 minutes $220
4 hours 30 minutes $225
4 hours 45 minutes $230
5 hours $235
5 hours 15 minutes $240
5 hours 30 minutes $245
5 hours 45 minutes $250
6 hours $255
6 hours 15 minutes $260
6 hours 30 minute $265
6 hours 45 minutes $270
7 hours $275
7 hours 15 minutes $280
7 hours 30 minutes $285
7 hours 45 minutes $290
8 hours $295
8 hours 15 minutes $300
8 hours 30 min $305
8 hours 45 minutes $310
9 hours $315
9 hours 15 minutes $320
9 hours 30 minutes $325
9 hours 45 minutes $330
10 hours $335


  • Tuition is based on the amount of time . For example if your dancer is singing up for two 45 min classes a week for your monthly rate, you will look at the 1 hour 30 minute slot to see what your monthly fee will be.
  • All dancers are charged a $65 registration fee (per dancer)
  • All siblings get a 10% discount.
  • You will receive a statement around the 1st of each month to let you know what your charges are for that month. The card you have on file will be charged on the 11th of each month. Should you not want the card to be billed you may bring in other options of payment up until the 10th whether that is a check or cash. You are also allowed to sign into your account and make a payment through the parent portal at any time as well. You will not receive an August statement due to registration. monthly statements will begin in September.
  • Tuition is due regardless of student absence or missed classes.
  • Our monthly tuition is based on the amount of classes from the August start thru June. Tuition is not determined by the number of classes in a particular month. While some classes might not have as many as another day due to holidays or closings that are other months in which a dancer might have 5 classes in a month.
  • August tuition is prorated since it is not a full month. If your dancer starts mid year or mid month that month is prorated as well.
  • Tuition is not prorated for absences, inclement weather days, or holidays.
  • Classes must have at least 7 dancers enrolled or the class will be cancelled.

Make-Up Class Policies

  • During the months of August -January dancers may do a makeup class for any class that is missed we just ask that you let us know in advance so we can let the teacher know. The makeup should be made in the same age group that the dancer was already enrolled in.
  • After January make-up classes are not offered due to our dancers working on recital preparation.

Withdrawal Policies

  • Enrollment for DC Dance Factory is for the entire dance season which ends in June after the recital. We do understand that sometimes circumstances call for withdrawal during the dance year.
  • Withdrawal requires a notice before your next billing date . We ask that you give us at least a 2 week notice to avoid being billed for the following month to allow us time to invite a dancer from our waiting list to fill the slot.
  • To withdraw please email our office manager “Ashley” at


(615) 377-7955

1850-E General George Patton Dr.
Franklin, TN 37067


Mon - Wed 3:00-8:30pm
Thursday 10am-8:30pm